"Johnny Garcia" superimposed over his headshot

Broker / Owner

314-353-0336 x405 johnny@garciaproperties.com

Miguel’s Headshot


314-353-0336 x408 miguel@garciaproperties.com

Brad’s Headshot

Leasing Guru / Tenant Liaison

314-353-0336 x401 bradm@garciaproperties.com

Woman with shaved head, in bright clothing, with "CECE O'NEILL" overlaid text.

Director of Hustle & Flow

314-353-0336 x415 cece@garciaproperties.com

"Marti Bartels" superimposed over her headshot

Utility Ninja

314-353-0336 x409 marti@garciaproperties.com

Jessica’s Headshot

Processor Extraordinaire

314-353-0336 x434 jessicac@garciaproperties.com

Woman with curly hair in red shirt

Maintenance Maven

314-353-0336 x404 sberger@garciaproperties.com

The Chuck Norris of Maintenance


Gideon - Maintenance

Maintenance Marvel